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Our Mission

At Smile for a Lifetime, our focus is to make a difference by taking action. We have a team of specialists who donate their time and talents to underserved children and youth in their communities by providing specific and tailored orthodontic treatments that last a lifetime. 

Be a Part of the Solution 

Help us fight against bullying by becoming a part of the solution. Your contribution helps children and youth smile with confidence by teaming with Orthodontic specialists through-out Canada and the United States. 

Beyond the Smile

Orthodontic treatment goes beyond aesthetics. While having a great smile builds much needed confidence in growing teens, a stable and healthy mouth is critical in life long care. A secure temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) and teeth alignment early in life will reduce future joint dysfunction and malocclusion which can cause tooth erosion and other dental concerns. 

Your Donation Goes to Work

Your financial donation goes to work immediately. We have kids and professionals committed to the service and Smile for a Lifetime needs YOUR financial support to make a difference today. 

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 "The moment I got to see myself with a smile was the moment I began breaking out of my shell and felt like I could take on the world." - Katelyn, Smile for a Lifetime Recipient


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