Televox Spotlight 2014


Dr. Todd Rankin was born and grew up in western Pennsylvania. He always knew he wanted to be an orthodontist and follow in his father’s footsteps. Like most orthodontists, he loves the interaction with his patients, and the satisfaction, of helping them obtain a beautiful smile.

He started his S4L Eastern North Carolina Chapter in 2010 and found it easy to do with the help of the national office. To date he has served over 35 children.

Three years ago he met Rosemary when she applied for a S4L scholarship. At the time, she was shy and timid. When asked, “What would it mean to receive orthodontic treatment through S4L?” she shared the following, “It would mean so much to me if I were to receive treatment. My teeth have always been a major factor in having such low self-esteem and because of that, I hate showing my face to other people. I just want to be able to love who I am”. But Rosemary also shared on her S4L application some of her challenges including her struggle with bi-polar disorder and her desire to help others who struggled with similar issues. After reading Rose’s application and meeting her, Dr. Rankin knew that a new smile would give Rose the confidence she needed and that would change her life.

At the end of her treatment, Dr. Rankin has noticed an amazing transformation of her personality. “Now Rose routinely interacts with myself and the staff and has a glimmer in her eyes that was not present at the onset of treatment." shared Dr. Rankin.

Today, Rose is a budding artist and hopes to one day own her own business as a graphic artist and tattoo shop owner. She also writes poetry in her spare time and helps others who face similar challenges in their lives. Congratulations Rose and glad you are a part of the S4L family! Keep on SMILING!

Televox Spotlight 2013


Our TeleVox Spotlight S4L Scholar this Spring is Jordan DeLeon who is a patient of Dr. Clarke Stevens of Orthodontic Associates in Omaha, Nebraska. Jordan was recommended to the local S4L program by Ivan Gilreath, President & CEO of the local Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). The national offices of Smile for a Lifetime and the BGCA work together to refer children to local S4L chapters for orthodontic scholarship consideration.


In Jordan’s recommendation letter, Gilreath shared, “Jordan is a young man of impeccable character and goodwill. I would highly recommend him for the S4L program.” Mr Gilreath has been a mentor for Jordan at Kellom Elementary school through the Boys to Men Book club.

Jordan's mom shares, "being a single parent you want the best for your child, for them to have great confidence about themselves. I feel that the S4L scholarship that he has been awarded will bring his confidence up and he will not be ashamed of smiling or speaking in front of others."

During the past two years, Jordan has faced some hardships in his life including the loss of his father and grandmother. Despite these past hardships, Jordan volunteers with his local “Free to Breathe Walk” supporting lung cancer research and awareness every year and also volunteers at local hospitals and retirements homes assisting the elderly. He enjoys playing basketball, hopes to attend college someday and major in computer science. Congratulations Jordan!

dr_stevens_imgDr. Clarke Stevens has been practicing orthodontics in Omaha since 1980. He graduated from the University of Nebraska Dental College. Dr. Stevens earned his Master’s Degree in Orthodontics at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He is a member of the American Dental Association and the American Association of Orthodontists, as well as an Assistant Professor of Orthodontics at the University of Nebraska for 12 years. He was the Director of the Dento-facial Program for patients needing orthodontics and jaw surgery. He has also taught at the Creighton University Dental College. Dr. Stevens is the creator of his patented WildSmiles Brackets, which are orthodontic brackets shaped like hearts, stars, soccer balls, flowers, footballs and diamonds. Dr. Stevens is active in many professional and civic organizations.

Televox Spotlight 2012

TeleVox is pleased to announce, Tori Grant, age 21 of Lubbuck, Texas as its latest Orthodontic Spotlight Recipient.


Dr. Holly Reeves of Wentz Orthodontics in Lubbuck, Texas shares Tori's story.

"Tori Grant is a lovely 21 year old Smile for a Lifetime patient of Wentz Orthodontics. Her family dentist, Dr. Gary Abercrombie, was familiar with the S4L program and recommended her for orthodontic care. Restorative care and extractions were done to help Tori achieve good dental health and in May of 2010, we initiated orthodontic treatment for a most wonderful young lady. Tori is a beautiful girl that had a fairly normal childhood up until the age of 11 when she found her mother drowned in the bathtub following a seizure. After this tragic event Tori's life was turned upside down, left without the nurturing and support of a caring mother." Despite numerous obstacles in her life, Tori went to work after school to help support herself and tried out for the high school softball team which is now her passion. In her S4L application,"her softball coach and mentor commented on her dedication, hard work and positive attitude, even when things for her were very, very difficult."

According to Dr. Reeves, Tori is "the perfect orthodontic patient, clean teeth, wears her elastics as instructed and 100% motivated to obtain an excellent result". Despite tragedy in her life, Tori helps her grandparents, teaches children at softball clinics, is active in her church and hopes to someday go to school to become a massage therapist and provide relief for those in chronic discomfort. TeleVox and S4L would like to applaud Tori's determination to rise above her circumstances and to reach out to others in her community. Thanks to Dr. Wentz, Dr. Reeves and their team for serving with S4L and sharing Tori's story with us!

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