Donate to Smile for a Lifetime
and put a Smile on the face of a child in need. 

Make a financial donation today and support Smile for a Lifetime all year long. The charity was established with the primary focus of serving children and young adults who desperately need braces but might otherwise not be able to afford treatment. The kids served through Smile for a Lifetime are working to improve their lives and smile with the prospect of a successful future.  

Putting a smile on the face of a child in need is the purpose of our organizational existence and the very heart of what we hope to influence. The appearance of someone's smile will directly affect their confidence and self esteem. Individuals with significant crowding or spacing are more likely to feel insecure and have lower self esteem. Smile for a Lifetime wants to be there to help change this.

Make a donation today and support a child in need.


It is with deep appreciation that we honor those who support our vision and mission at Smile for a Lifetime "to inspire hope, create self-confidence and change the lives of children in a dramatic way..." one smile at a time! Thank you!

National Sponsors/Elite Level Donors

$25,000 and over

  • John K. McGill Family Fund
  • Orthobanc, LLC

s4l_official_platinum_80x80Founders Club/Platinum Donors

$10,000 to $25,000

  • Cain, Watters & Associates
  • TeleVox
  • VisionTrust Communications-Jeff Behan
  • McGill & Hill Group

s4l_official_gold_80x80Share-A-Smile/Gold Donors

$2,500 to $10,000

  • Peniche & Associates-LeeAnn Peniche
  • Macro Wealth Management
  • Dolphin Imaging
  • Gaidge
  • Dr. Darrin Storms
  • Dr. Eric Nease
  • Dr. C.C. Massey
  • Dr. John Pavlo
  • Dr. Jose Arango
  • Dr. Boyd Whitlock
  • OrthoTown
  • i-CAT
  • OrthoFi