AprilApril McKnight

Chandler, Arizona

In memory of April McKnight who's mission in life was to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of orthodontics. She truly was changing lives one smile at a time.

Dr. Christopher Shane Fulmer, DDS

Conway, AR

James Kinard

Dr. William Higgs

Mr. & Mrs. Williams

Dr. Lucas Stevens

Tallahassee, FL

Thomas Thacker
Mary Jayne Sokolow
Dr. Deborah Ferrer
Dr. William Cooke
Patricia Lee
Mrs. Susan Till
Sherman Allison, DVM at the Northeast Animal Hospital

"What a wonderful man and friend!" by Dr. Michael E. Schuster at Schuster's Performance Coach

"Your passion was clear in the example you set for your students. You will be greatly missed." by Justin Chisari

To the past President of the F.A.O., on behalf of the officers and members of the Florida Associates of Orthodontists

"Thank you for your service to the Orthodontic Community, your excellent staff will carry on your legacy. Our thoughts are with your family and friends as well during this difficult time," Tiffany Oberle at OraMetrix, Inc.

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