News Highlights

January 1, 2022
Press Release 

Smile for a Lifetime, a leading charitable organization that coordinates orthodontic care for disadvantaged children, has joined forces with the International Association for Orthodontics (IAO), a progressive and dynamic organization of general dentists, pediatric dentists and other dentists that provide orthodontic care. Together, the two organizations will reach thousands of dentists and orthodontists across the US and Canada who are eager to donate orthodontic treatment to help kids in need. 

Smile for a Lifetime (S4L) is a charitable organization that helps make orthodontic care accessible to children in low-income families and those in special circumstances, such as foster care. With a provider network that stretches across the United States and Canada, S4L links orthodontic providers with children in need. The organization has served thousands of children since its beginning in 2009. According to its Executive Director, Robin Coen, the demand for orthodontic care is greater than ever. Each year, hundreds of children go without orthodontic treatment because they think it is unaffordable. Likewise, many orthodontic providers want to offer pro bono services, but don’t know how to identify and screen deserving patients. Smile for a Lifetime helps bridge that gap by linking these two groups. According to Ms. Coen, S4L has set a goal to “double the number of children we serve each year.”

The International Association for Orthodontics is the oldest and largest of the national and international non-specialty orthodontic groups. The association sponsors and coordinates a wide variety of programs in orthodontics training, education, professional support, clinical experience and research. Today the IAO serves members in over 50 different countries. Executive Director, Chris McKay, was happy to inform IAO members that by volunteering with Smile for a Lifetime, IAO members can refer all pro bono cases to the charity for screening. Members can feel confident that their charitable efforts are going to families truly in need. “There is an immense need in our community and IAO members are here to help,” says Mr. McKay.




We are very excited to introduce you to Smile for a Lifetime's Canada board member, Dr. Christopher Cameron. As a certified Orthodontic Specialist with a Master of Science degree in Orthodontics, he has practiced in the heart of Midtown Toronto for close to 20 years. Dr. Cameron is proud to provide hands on orthodontic care to each and every patient ensuring continuity of care and superior results. He believes that every patient is unique, and the investment they make in their smile deserves the expertise and customized clinical skill of the orthodontist.