Become a Provider

 “What’s the big deal?  It’s just a little teasing.” 

You might be tempted to think that occasional teasing is simply a rite of passage that most children face in their transition to adulthood. Unfortunately, teasing and bullying are daily challenges for many young people. It may be so frequent and severe that it causes low self-esteem, a distorted body image, social anxiety, or even thoughts of self-harm. We know that appearance-based bullying is common, and bullies often target children and adolescents for poor dental appearance. This magnifies the problem for children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds because they have reduced access to regular dental and orthodontic care. We are passionate about addressing this problem and creating a foundation of confidence and resiliency that lasts a lifetime.
Smile for a Lifetime is a charitable nonprofit organization that helps disadvantaged children get the orthodontic treatment they need. Orthodontic care treats and prevents oral maladies in addition to reducing appearance-based bullying. A group of orthodontists and other dental professionals who recognized the urgent need to connect underprivileged youth to crucial dental services founded Smile for a Lifetime. We are a national organization that streamlines the process to apply for donated orthodontic care, allowing dental professionals to volunteer their services simply and easily. It is our mission to inspire hope in these youth and change their lives in a dramatic way.

We need all types of Volunteers: Orthodontists -  IT Professionals - Marketing Experts - Orthodontic Manufactures, Printers and much more.  

Becoming a Volunteer is a great way to demonstrate what you and your company believes, all while creating self-confidence, inspiring hope and changing the lives of children in your community. 

Why Should you become a Volunteer Orthodontist with Smile for a Lifetime?

You join a community of dedicated and caring Providers, committed to changing lives through the gift of a Smile.

  • Joining our community is easy and rewarding! No annual fee, no minimum number of kids to serve per year and you meet with the family first before you say Yes to the case.

  • We handle the paperwork for you! Our team takes care of the application process and gathers all the needed records for you.

  • We handle all of your pro bono requests. We ask the tough questions and take the heat when someone is not approved (never be the bad guy again).

  • Our team ensures that your donated time, skills, and practice resources are spent on qualified, motivated children.

  •  We help brand your practice as a generous, community-minded business.  For Orthodontists Only

For more information on becoming a provider with the Smile for a Lifetime program, please contact the National Executive Director, Robin Coen, at 719-629-8245 or email [email protected]